About Us

About Coca + B.

As a new mom of 2 amazing little girls I realized how much products made by local artists and meant to me. I wanted things that weren't massively produced and had that handmade, artistic, personalized and unique look. After years of being a closet crafter and a full time work from home mom, I decided to give the world what I was looking for and I dedicate my home office to my creative work and start my little business!

Coca + B is my way of sharing with the world my passion for the handmade life. Gifts and treasure that are full of love and meaning. Items that will last for years before they retire into the keepsake boxes and trunks as beautiful memories from childhood.

The name Coca + B came from my two daughters nicknames. Cora and Lucia are my reminders and my motivation to hold the vision and dare. They remind me that life is happening all around us, and if you pay close attention, the smallest things will be great inspirations. My little Coca and B are my reminders that like all of my creations we are different, completely unique, imperfect, valuable, full of love, meaning and purpose.